Sydney Easter Parade - Easter Monday, 13th April, 2020, 10am-12:30pm at Hyde Park.
Sydney Easter Parade - Easter Monday, 13th April, 2020, 10am-12:30pm at Hyde Park.


Why We do It

This Easter Celebration has been going on for over 30 years. It had been going under the name of Jesus March, The Awakening and some people know it as the Easter Sunday March. But now we go by the name Sydney Easter Parade.

It is a time of celebration, where people from all different denominations, different ethnic heritage and different age groups, come together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We believe that we are living in very worrying times right now. Where certain groups of people are trying to push their own agendas. Trying to change our culture, trying to change our morals, what we teach in schools and even the laws of this nation. Their voices have become so strong even though they are just few in numbers. What we need to realise is, what we don’t deal with now, our children have to deal with in the not too distant future.

We believe it’s time for all Christians to rise up and unite to be a strong voice in our city. No matter what denomination you belong to, no matter what worship style you have, let us all come under one banner… under the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Easter Monday

Hyde Park, St James Station side.

Worship - Pray - Parade


Unfortunately, Sydney Easter Parade will need to be postponed until COVID restrictions are further eased. Sydney City Council and the NSW police only allowed us to have a maximum of 500 people including spectators or we will risk getting fined. For many years we have been attracting thousands of people every Easter Monday. It will be a very difficult task to execute and we would like everyone to be safe. Let’s stay positive and continue to pray for our city and nation to be COVID free. We hope to see you again next year or sometime soon. God bless you all!